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Effective Homeopathics for Viral Illnesses

A treasure trove of information!

March 10, 2020

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Tracy Tucker, aka Heretic Jane, for her Wild Wild Health radio show. She is quite a clever one when it comes to finding interesting ways to get and stay well! Jane was interested to know how a homeopath would approach the Corona Virus -19. I was more than delighted to oblige as homeopathy has a wonderfully successful history in dealing with epidemics. One example would be 1918 The Spanish Flu outbreak. Records show that 24,000 cases of the flu that were treated allopathically had a mortality rate of 28.2% while 26,000 cases of the flu treated homeopathically had a mortality rate of 1.05%. The worst yellow fever epidemic in the US history accurred in 1878, with over 5000 deaths in Memphis alone and 20,000 deaths in the whole of the Mississippi Valley. The mortality rate with homeopathy was 6-6.4% while allopathy reported various statistics which ranged from 15%-85%. It was a lot of information that was covered in the interview and, as promised, I have taken the time to write up some notes covering the specific helpful remedies.

A homeopath will look for what is called The Genus Epidemicus, which means, we look for the remedy or remedies that will be most effective for a particular epidemic. We don't need to know the name of the virus, we need to know the symptoms the people are experiencing, and in acute illnesses like the flu or a cold most people experience the same symptoms on a mass scale. We then, choose a remedy to cover those symptoms. In the1918 Spanish Flu, the remedy used was Gelsemium which comes from the Yellow Jasmine flower. It's so lovely, the Jasmine flower, but it can't be patented, so even though the remedy made from it was wildly helpful, you won't be seeing conventional medicine employing it. That doesn't mean you can't use it at home though!

We know CoVid-19 presents mild cold-like symptoms in 82% of the people who have contracted it. Those symptoms are a runny nose, cough, sore throat and maybe a high temperature. This is where we nip the case in the bud. We go in with a remedy that covers those symptoms and then it never drops into the lungs and kidneys to cause further mischief.

So, let's get started! I have outlined the most helpful information for you. Look it over and see what you think would fit you best. Have the remedies at home readily available. If you are interested I have kits already assembled to save you the hassle!

The world of homeopathy has it's ear to the ground. From Dana Ullman, respected homeopath, we read, "Hearing reports from China, homeopaths there report that they symptoms of people who get the Corona Virus point towards Gelsemium (first choice), Bryonia(Wild Hops) or Eupatorium perfoliatum (Bone Set) as second choices. Another potentially very important remedy is Squilla maritima (se onion) which is good for broncho-pnuemonia, coughing, sneezing."

Gelsemium is a great remedy for when there is a sinking of energy, chills and aches.

Eupatorium is amazing for bone pain!

Bryonia is great for inflammation of the lungs and pneumonia complicated by pleurisy. The people who respond to this find they want to lie still, have stitching pains, pain behind the eyeballs, headache, feel grouchy. Bryonia The Bear.

From India, the Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy issued a statement, "The Group of Experts inter-alia has recommended that homeopathy medicine Arsenicum album 30c could be take as a prophylactic medicine against Coronavirus infections, which has also been advised for preventions of illness. It has been recommended one dose of Arsenicum 30c, daily on an empty stomach for three days. The dose should be repeated after one month by following the same schedule (3 doses) in case CoronaVirus infections prevail in the community." This would be used if the flu was rampant in your town.

Dr. Robin Murphy ND, Homeopath, also has input and I agree with his thinking. We should support the person, homeopathically, the same as we would for any other cold.

Homeopathics for Stress, Cold and

Keep Strong Emotionally and Know You Have Tools To Help You

Ignatia 200c, am and pm, if you feel depressed, tense, crying, anxiety.

Aconitum 200c, am and pm, if you feel panic. The FDA would like to get rid of this remedy.

Gelsemium 30c, am and pm, anticipatory anxiety, trembling, no energy.

Rescue Remedy as needed for calming. Very useful for every age and even for your pets!

Prophylactics For the Flu

Influenzinum 9c, taken once a week for 4 weeks, pause a month and then take one dose. The FDA would like to get rid of this one.

Oscillococcinum once a week during the flu season. I am not really for this regimen. I'd rather save Oscill for if I actually start to come down with a cold or flu.

If You Start To Get A Cold Or The Flu


Pelargonium flower. We get this remedy for the Zulu tribe. Excellent for young and old. Mild tasting. It comes in many forms-drops, chewables, alcohol free, syrup, etc.

Banerji Protocol

If you start to get a cold and especially if you tend to get colds that drop into your chest buy a tube of each:

Aconitum 200c and

Bryonia 30c, one pellet of each, and taken at the same time every 3-6 hours. Space out doses with improvement.

Aconitum is for if one gets ill from a cold wind/chill. It is also for the first stage of pneumonia. Sudden onset, high fever, great fear, anxiety. Feels restless, fear of not recovering, shortness of breath. Eyes may look anxious. FDA would like to get rid of this remedy.

Bryonia is great for inflammation of the lungs and pneumonia complicated by pleurisy. The people who respond to this find they want to lie still, have stitching pains, pain behind the eyeballs, headache, feel grouchy. Bryonia The Bear.

Mixed Remedies Available At The Health Food Store-The Wonderful No-Brainers!

Oscillococcinum- OK, this is not a mixed remedy but I like to take it along side B&T C&F or Umcka Cold and Flu or Cold Calm. Amazing results!

Umcka Cold and Flu by Natures Way




Gelsemium which was mentioned earlier as the remedy used in the Spanish Flu and it was also the remedy that the Chinese homeopaths ranked #1 for CoVid-19 symptoms. The Chinese information also included Bryonia.

FDA would like to get rid of Aconitum.

B&T Alpha C&F Cold and Flu- exact same ingredients as Umcka Cold and Flu except is missing the Pelargonium.

Cold Calm by Boiron

Allium Cepa (red onions) for runny nose

Apis for swelling of sinus

Belladonna for sudden onset inflammation/fever

Eupatorium for bone pain, ache,

Gelsemium for cold, shivering, no energy

Nux vomica for sneezing attacks

Phytolacca for lymph drainage, sore throat

Pulsatilla for bland mucous.

FDA would like to get rid of Belladonna and Nux vomica.


B&T Dry Hard Cough and Decongestants

Ipecacuanha- good for coughing so hard you gag and maybe even vomit mucous. Also for nausea. Many remedies are good for more than one thing as you have noticed Aconitum and Gelsemium are both good for cold/flu symptoms and anxiety/fear! Never throw a remedy away. It has many uses and will last forever unless you store it next to your cell phone/microwave, which can blank slate them.

Drosera-great remedy for hard coughs like whooping cough or kennel coughs in dogs.

Spongia- (made from toasted sponge. Hold the jam please.) good for coughs that sound like a barking seal. Croup remedy.

B&T Daytime Premium

Aconitum which we talked about being the remedy to use if one gets ill from being chilled/cold wind. Aconitum is not confined to helping just colds and flu and anxiety. It is also a good remedy if you one gets a bladder infection from sitting on cold ground or an ear ache from the cold wind. It would be really be a crime if the FDA banned it. They really put a fast move to have it banned last November. But, the lawyers defending homeopathy were able to get an extension that allows them time to put their case together. We are not out of the woods yet and if you care - there is a petition that will be in my next blog. We still needs lots of signatures. If they take away these remedies it will be a sorrowful day and then, before we know it, they will go after more remedies.

Hepar sulph- part of the trio to help coup cases. Infection in respiratory tract.

Spongia- croup remedy. Barking cough.

Stannum- spasmodic and exhausting coughs

This combination remedy is one I would look at for croupy cases.

Umcka Cough




Hepar Sulph - this is a remedy for infected material. Croup remedy.

Stannum-exhausting, spasmodic cough

Spongia- barking cough.

Hyland Cough and Cold

It contains remedies for runny, sticky, and bland mucous and Phosphorus-which is great for a painful larynx, violent tickling in larynx, can't talk -throat feels raw, cough that is worse from laughing, talking, from going to a warm room into the cold air, tightness across the chest. A remedy to think of in pneumonia.

Hyland Cough


Drosera - hard cough

Ipecacuanha -cough so hard you gag

Phosphorus -see above

Rumex - incessant tickle cough- so annoying

Spongia -barking

I would get this combo just for the Rumex which is great for the never ending dry tickle cough one gets from inhaling cold air.

Hyland Cough and Cold Night

This one also pulls in remedies to help with sleep which are Coffea and Chamomille.

Chestal Honey Cough Syrup by Boiron

Not for kids under 2 due to the honey content.

Antimonium tarticum- for when mucous is abundant and rattily in the chest.


Coccus cacti-tickle in throat and coughing out strings of mucous

Drosera- barking hard . Remedy used in whooping cough and kennel cough.

Ipecacuanha- gagging cough and may vomit mucous

Rumex- dry tickly cough triggered by cold air

Sticta pulmonaria- (Lung Wort)- dry hacking cough in the night which is triggered by inhaling air. May have fullness at the root of the nose/sinus infection

Chestal Cough Syrup

Ferrum Phos- non descript unwell feeling, low grade fever, brings down inflammation

Hydrastis- sticky yellow mucous

Kali Bichromicum- thick elastic mucous

Nux vomica- sneezing, feeling chilly, coughing brings on headaches, tight dry hacking cough, shallow breathing. FDA would like to get rid of this remedy.

Dulcamara- coughs and colds brought on my cold damp conditions

Whew! So there you have it! There are other homeopathic cough/cold combinations and single remedies but we don't want your head to blow up with even more information!

If you found this information helpful feel free to give a thumbs up!

Here's to your health!

Anna the Holistic Homeopathic Nurse

Disclaimer: The above information for educational purposes only and is not meant to treat or diagnose any condition. Anna Strong is not a medical doctor, nor dos she promote herself as such. For medical conditions please consult your physician.

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