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About - Anna Strong  R.N  C.C.H

Certified Classical Homeopath

Anna Strong became a Registered Nurse in 1981, specializing in both Internal Medicine and Labor & Delivery. Over the course of her career she became interested in the healing capacities of integrative medicine, leading her to earn her first diploma in Homeopathy from The British School of Homeopathy. In time, she earned her second Advanced Diploma from The Devon School of Homeopathy. Anna has worked as a holistic practitioner since 1997, both in the USA and internationally. Her practice focuses on tailoring supplements, herbs and homeopathic medicines to individual client needs. 


“Through many years of practice, I have come to recognize the innate healing capacities of the body. Balance can be restored by first identifying the presenting deficiencies and then by supplementing with the correct intervention, be it herbal, homeopathic or nutriceutical.” - Anna Strong



  • Registered Nurse (R.N.)

  • Certified Classical Homeopath (C.C.H.)

  • Certified Meridian Stress Analysis Technician 

  • Certified Heart Sound Recording Technician


Member Of:

  • Classical Homeopaths Organization-CHC

  • Homeopathic Nurses Association

  • National Center of Homeopathy


Continuing Education:



Impediments to Healing

Topical Wound Care

Pressure Injuries

Closed Head Injuries

Cardiovascular Health and Heart Sounds

Diabetes Essentials for Nurses

Hepatitis C: The Silent Killer

Pain Management

Basic Trauma Nursing

Initial Assessment of the Newborn

Holistic and Complimentary Therapies

ECG Interpretation

Managing Wounds With Edema

Assessment of Pain in Special Populations

Human Trafficking: Identification, Intervention and Prevention



New Methods Standing on Classic Foundations

Mastering Advanced Repertorization Searches

Polarity Analysis an Educational Revolution in Homeopathy

Best Medicines for GI Issues

Polarity Analysis in Homeopathic Cases

Homeopathy and Mental Health in a Post-COVID World

Homeopathy for Complex Kids

Infertility- A Homeopathic Approach

Management of Bronchial Asthma and Homeopathic Medicines

Whay Would Hahnemann Do?

Constitutional Prescribing in Gastrointestinal Disease

Homeopathy Then and Now

Teaching Kids Homeopathy

How Knowing a Child's Constitutional Type Impacts Parenting and Vice Versa

Posology Matters: The Metaphysics of Homeopathic Dosing

Finding the Trauma: The Key to Opening the Case

Advancing a Healthier Generation with Homeopathy

Bronchial Asthma: Review of Evidence

Perceiving Components of Similimum in Pediatrics

Get Gut Smart: Successfully Navigate IBS, SIBO and IMO

Side Effects of Cancer Treatment and Homeopathy

A Rational Approach to Homeopathic Prescribing

The Role of Infectious Disease in Liberating Miasms

Anxiety and Homeopathy

Asthma and Homeopathy

Diarrhea and Homeopathy

Feet Maladies and Homeopathy

Homeopathy for the Eyes

Diabetes and Blood Sugar Dyscrasias, Karen Allen CCH

Anemia: Therapeutics for Iron and Blood, Karen Allen CCH

Eyes and Vision Organ Therapeutics, Karen Allen CCH

Thanatology End of Life, Death and Dying, Karen Allen CCH

New and Forgotten Remedies Part 1 and 2, Dr. Robin Murphy

Corona Virus with Dr. Robin Murphy Part 1-4

Banerji Protocols

Feminopathy Banerji Protocols/Calabrese

Allergies Banerji Protocols/Calabrese

Lyme Symposium

Homeopathy and Human Microbiome: The Key to Lyme and other Chronic Diseases

Nutrition: Essential For Wellness

Bacteria Vaginosis and Leucorrhea

Mononucleosis, More Than a Sore Throat

Back Pain and Sciatica

Pathology and Disease

Mastering Case Analysis and Follow Up

Mental and Emotional Disorders

Endocrine Overview and Repair

Acutes, Part 1 & 2

Cervical Dysplasia and Carcinoma-in-Situ

Fibroids Intensive- Signs, Symptoms and Therapeutics

Adjuncts in Constitutional Care - Tongue Analysis

Adjuncts in Constitutional Care- Bach Flower Remedies

Adjuncts in Constitutional Care - Cell Salts

Adjuncts in Constitutional Care - Constipation

Adjuncts in Constitutional Care - Insomnia

Adjuncts in Constitutional Care - Scarring

Adjuncts in Constitutional Care - Urinary Frequency

Gemmotherapy- Plant Stem Cells

Development and Use of X Potencies


Nutritional Solutions for a Thyroid Fatigued World

Carbon Technology- Cellcore Exponential Clinical Outcomes 2021

Carbon Technology- Cellcore Exponential Clinical Outcomes 2020

Functional Blood Chemistry Seminar

Ashwagandha Seminar by Kerry Bone

The Energy Seminar- Cracking the Difficulty with Fatigue Dr. Birnbach  2018

Thyroid Healing Dr. Ronda Nelson

High Tech Clinical Nutrition Dr. David Hogsend 2017


Books Read:

Thyroid Healing by A. William

Foods That Heal by A. William

Foundations of Trophotherapy Vol l, ll and lll

Calcium Therapy in Diseases of the Cardiovascular System

Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy (broken-heart syndrome)

The Organon by Hahnemann

Clinical Materia Medica by Farrington

The Principles of Art and Cure by Homeopathy by Roberts

Sports and Exercise Injuries by Subotnick

Homeopathy for Musculoskeletal Healing by Hershof

Clinical Observations of Children's Remedies by Master

Studies in Homeopathic Remedies by Gibson

Drainage in Homeopathy by E.A Maury

Cell Salt Deficiencies by Card

Lesser Writings by Farrington

The Bowel Nosodes by Patterson

Colic and Lactose Intolerance by Shilo

Influenza and It's Treatment- Allopathic, Biochemic and Homeopathic by Bhatia

Disorders of Menstruation by Coowperthwaite

First Aid and Beyond by Lanzarota

Mother Tincture Materia Medica by Sinha

Chronic Disease, It's Cause and Cure by Banerjee

The Bern Seminar 1987 by Vithoulkis

The Practical Guide to Homeopathy by Worthington

The Life of Christian Samuel Hahnemann by Hobhouse

The Chronic Diseases by Hahnemann

The Impossible Cure by Lansky

Ritalin Free Kids by Ullman

Rage Free Kids by Ullman

Homeopathy Medicine for Women by Smith

Crossroads to Cure by Henriques

Lac Remedies in Practice by Baily

Stramonium by Herscu

Classical Homeopathy by Blackie

The Essence of Materia Medica by Vithoulkis

A New Model for Health and Disease by Vithoulkis

Clinical Experience of Pioneers of Homeopathy by Mathur

Menopause and Homeopathy by Ikenze

Talks on Classical Homeopathy by Vithoulkis

Prozac Free by Ullman

Homeopathy for the New Millennium by Vithoulkis

Lesser Writings of Hahnemann by Dudgeon

The Foundation of the Chronic Miasms by Heudens

Tutorials on Homeopathy by Foubister

Homeopathy for Radioactivity by Sonnenschmidt

Homeopathic Drug Pictures by Tyler

Homeopathic Remedies by Hershoff

The State of the Mind that Affects the Foetus by Master

Paediatrics in Homeopathy by Paediatric Team at Dr. Ram's Children's Hospital

Homeopathy for Menopause by MacEon

Homeopathy for Pregnancy and Childbirth by Moskowitx

The Homeopathic Treatment of Children by Herscu

Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth, and Your Baby's First Year by Castro

Some Clinical Experiences by Case

The Spirit of Homeopathy by Sankaran

The Soul of Remedies by Sankaran

The Science of Homeopathy by Vithoulkis 

Homeopathic Medicine for Children and  Infants by Ullman

Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics by Dewy

Achieving and Maintaining the Simillimum by De Schepper

The Natural Traveler by Watson

The Tissue Salts by Wells

and many more!


Disclaimer: Anna Strong is not a physician and does not diagnose or treat specific diseases. She works from a holistic perspective, in cooperation with each client’s primary care practitioner to promote optimal health.

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