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Cravings? Cell Salts To The Rescue!

"Experiences in biochemistry, according to Dr. W.H. Schussler, show that a demand for a functional remedy is always concealed behind those 'needs.' When this demand is covered the 'unhealthy' cravings will vanish. At the same time the appetite for healthy food are strengthened." (The Institute of BioChemic Medicine)

So, basically if you are craving certain foods there is a good chance there is a mineral deficiency. Cell salts, in the potency of 6x, are commonly available at the health food store for around $11. Follow the directions on the label. Cell salts are not homeopathic remedies and can be taken daily for nutritional needs.

Craving And The Helpful Cell Salt

Alcohol - Nat Mur

Bitter Foods - Nat Sulph

Chocolate - Mag Phos

Dairy - Calc Phos

Fatty Foods/cream - Nat Phos

Licorice - Calc Phos

Meat - Calc Phos

Pastries - Nat Phos

Pickled Foods - Nat Phos

Ravenousness - Nat Phos

Salt - Nat Mur

Smoke Food - Calc Phos

Spicy Foods - Calc Phos

Sweets - Nat Phos

Vinegar - Nat Phos

Good-bye deficiency cravings!


Holistic Nurse and Homeopath

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