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Your path to wellness.


Anna Strong R.N, C.C.H

Certified Classical Homeopath

Anna Strong became a Registered Nurse in 1981, specializing in both Internal Medicine and Labor & Delivery. Over the course of her career she became interested in the healing capacities of integrative medicine, leading her to earn her Certification of Classical Homeopathy in 2008. Anna has worked as a holistic practitioner, both in the USA and internationally. Her practice focuses on tailoring homeopathic medicines, supplements and herbs to individual client needs. 


“Through many years of practice, I have come to recognize the innate healing capacities of the body. Balance can be restored by first identifying the presenting deficiencies and then by supplementing with the correct intervention, be it homeopathic, herbal or nutriceutical.”

- Anna Strong




Consults for Classical or Polarity Analysis approach to homeopathy are available via remote or in-office visits. I am familiar with Banerjee Protocols, also. Homeopathy is a natural healing modality that seeks to re-balance the totality of a person. This is accomplished by first understanding the individual's mental, emotional and physical complaints. After recognizing the client's imbalances, individualized solutions are given, to encourage the body's innate self-healing capacities.

Session Duration: 1-3 Hours

NanoVi Technology

In life we are inevitably exposed to free radicals, which cause oxidative stress and aging.

German engineered NanoVi™ Technology helps repair cumulative cell damage caused by oxidation stress. NanoVi™  produces the same biological antioxidant signals your body produces to initiate cellular protection and repair.

During a NanoVi™ sessions clients relax while inhaling the charged air generated by the NanoVi™ machine.

Session Duration: 30 Minutes

Holistic Heart Health

Did you know that the sounds your heart makes can help pinpoint nutritional deficiencies? Age and health status are not necessarily guarantees of an optimally functioning heart!

An Endocardiograph is a non-invasive device that measures the performance of the heart, accurately identifying where weaknesses reside. Using this knowledge, targeted supplementation is given to improve cardiovascular wellness.

Session Duration:  30 Minutes

Ionic Detox Foot Bath

During an ionic detox foot bath, large amounts of negative hydrogen ions are absorbed into the body through the epidermis of the foot. Once in the body, these negatively charged ions act as potent antioxidant, aiding the body to expel circulating free radicals.

During an ionic detox foot bath clients place their feet in a hot salt water foot bath, which draws toxins from the body through electrolysis.


Session Duration: 30 Minutes 

Bio-Feedback Scans

Bio-feedback testing measures an individual’s response to thousands of different frequencies. This information is gathered through electrodes and charted on a computer.

The scan can pinpoint frequency signatures of mold, yeast, parasites, heavy metals, toxins, food sensitivities and more. Bio-feedback scanning provides invaluable information for solving health riddles on a case-by-case basis. Remote and in-office scanning is available.

Session Duration: 1-3 Hours

Supplement Protocols

Enhance your health with custom wellness plans which may include herbs, homeopathics and  food based supplements.

We look at the whole person and how all the systems of the body constantly affect each other. We aim to optimize the functioning of the body's organs and their inter-connectivity with each other. Our goal seeks to find and correct deep, underlying causes of dis-ease, instead of trying to cover up symptoms.

Session Duration: 1-3 Hours

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