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Prep The Smart Way!

I have been asked by several people as to what I would store for preparedness from a health point of view. Being prepared for power outages, etc. is a big subject but I will keep it basic.

First of all, most of the food people buy for food storage is dead, GMO, non-organic food. That's better than eating nothing, but there is an easy way to add some top quality nutrient dense nutrition that is easily stored.

I am a fan of the Standard Process line of supplements. If you are reading this, you are probably a client of mine and I know you will have seen great improvement in your health because of these food based products. These products work so well because they are not tinker toy replicas of vitamin C, etc. When you get Cataplex C (vitamin C complex) from Standard Process you are getting a food based vitamin C your body knows how to use.

1) SP Complete Chocolate or Vanilla, a vegetarian whole food and herbal supplement that mixes with juice or water to make a nutritious shake. It offers a balance of essential macronutrients and micronutrients from plant sources in a highly bio-available form.

In a stressful situation, you do want to keep up your nutrient intake which will help you deal with stress and also support the immune system. Even if one could drink one serving of this a day it will help keep you healthy.

2) Standard Process Cataplex C- bioavailable vitamin C food based complex for immune and whole body support. I do also like Vimergy Micro-C.

3) Standard Process Cataplex D or Seeking Health D3 and sometimes D3/K2

4) Standard Process Cruciferous Complete- supports liver detox and provides outstanding bioavailable form of organic kale and Brussel sprouts.

5) Vimergy Zinc Sulfate- supports immune system, thyroid and many enzymatic processes.

6) Standard Process Prolamine Iodine Plus or Cellcore Iodine- supports they thyroid, breast, ovary and prostate health. It's important to have iodine sitting in the iodine cell receptor sites, because if one doesn't, then radioactive iodine can sit in the same receptor site. To the body, radioactive iodine looks just like iodine.

7) Standard Process Catalyn- multi-vitamin with trace minerals.

Now, onto the subject of homeopathy for emergencies. Have a 30c and a 200c kit. You can buy these at Boiron or Washington Homeopathics. Of course, the more remedies the merrier and it is a lot easier to work with someone who has a variety of remedies on hand. You can buy kits that contain 32, 50 or 100 remedies. I would order these kits while you can still buy them. There are forces at work that are trying to remove homeopathy from the market.

Dana Ullman, M.P.H. has a book called Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants, that I like, as it is lightweight and covers quite a few maladies that are not necessarily restricted to children. Adults can get burns, etc. and the remedy used on a child will be the same remedy used on an adult so, do not worry about the title. There is a lot of good info in there to help you.

If you can't afford a kit, it's nice to have on hand some remedies for stress, injuries, etc.

Bach Rescue Remedy is for shock, fear, terror, anxiety. Safe to use on pets, kids, grandparents, everybody really. It will not interfere with medications.

Bach Sweet Chestnut for repetitive thoughts that keep looping over and over in your mind. This would be a good remedy for flashbacks.

Homeopathic Aconitum- for panic, anxiety attacks. Get a potency of 30c and 200c. It's also good for illnesses that come on from getting chilled.

Homeopathic Arnica 30c and 200c- for shock, bleeding, bruising, injuries, can't sleep because the bed feels to hard.

Homeopathic Ledum 30c - for puncture wounds, bites of any kind. Also good for black blue bruising. First line remedy to prevent tetanus.

Homeopathic Hypericum 30c and 200c- for injuries to nerves and for deep wounds. Second line remedy if you missed giving Ledum to avoid tetanus.

Homeopathic Coffea cruda 30c and 200c - for racing thoughts that keep you from sleeping and for feeling hyped up "as if one drank too much coffee."

Homeopathic Cantharis 30c and 200c - for 2nd and 3rd degree burns, for any pain that burns.

Homeopathic kit for flu, viruses, colds. Available through my office for $70. Safe for all ages.

Phone: 208-518-8411.

Calendula gel- for burns and skin issues. It also comes in a cream, tincture and ointment.

Have a good water filter up and running. I like the Big Berkey. Not a bad idea to have extra filters on hand. A head lamp is also super handy and I like the

Petzl NAO+ adaptive lighting headlamp. During any activity, with REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology, NAO + analyzes ambient light and instantly adjusts the brightness to your needs. Those homeopathic remedy labels are very tiny and a good light will be needed if you are in a black out.

Have on hand hydrogen peroxide, liquid iodine, baking soda, colloidal silver.

And, last but not least, if one is on a medication and there is a way to get off of the meds though the guidance of your doctor and lifestyle changes, then now is a good time to make that a goal. We never know if medications will always be available. There have been instances, when they could not be delivered from China, for various reasons.

Ok! This is a good basic list to help you with your preps. The supplements can easily be turned over and replaced as they are good for us to take everyday anyway. They will never be a waste of money...unless you don't use them and let them expire. Then that would just be a shame! The remedies will last forever, unless there's an EMP or you ruin them with microwaves from your cell phone or microwave. Keep your cell phone and microwave oven, at least, a yard or a meter away from your remedies.

All the best!

Anna Strong RN, CCH

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